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A comedy with crazy, inept & lovable new characters young & old, using physical comedy, song and dance to give to passion bizarre incident through a quirky tale of modern family and digital life with a range of catchy songs in unique melodic style.


Given workshop treatment for 7 months in 2013 by the “The Ashford New British Musicals Society“ a specially formed group for the purpose. These 30 musical enthusiasts were keen to help road test a fun new British show with both songs and humour that stick. The musical is ready to develop.


Sets & costume requirement


Modest, everyday wear, inside office; scene of Russell Square, Bloomsbury in dusk; sea view daylight & dusk; ghostly, smoke filled platform of underground station.




A cross between a Michael Frayn or Brian Rix farce, “Wildlife” coats songs and comedy with serious topics of concern including loss of wildlife, depleted fish and the galloping threat to human traditional family life, work, arts and music culture posed by all things digital...


 Reviving the highly popular home grown musicals tradition with a story set in London creating a snap shot fancy of iconic British life. Tourists coming to London will grasp the unique contemporary spirit.


The story is set in Bloomsbury over a couple of weeks and charts the struggle a husband and wife professional agency have in producing “all singing and all dancing” television adverts in the busiest time of their lives under the toughest business environment ever. Employers, employees, parents, children and animals are all under immense pressures. The culture, our way of life and that of the natural world all struggle to adapt to survive! Bees, foxes and an inconvenient dog intervene.

We live through a digital & social revolution. “WILDLIFE” reflects the challenges.


Cast requirements


One small friendly dog plus;




James 40+,

Jean Paul 30+,

Albert very, very old,

Patrick 40+,

Wayne 20+

Lord Truckle 50+,


ROBYN  the leading boy or girl 11

THREE  sibling “triplets”  7


WILDLIFE features today's workers; the vibrant talented families madly juggling careers, kids and crisis. The time is right for self confident home-grown material about British life, following in the footsteps of Lionel Bart. Life is still funny, exciting, dangerous and passionate why not portray Britain now? We spend so much time looking out and back when the home market and visitors would relish attention to what makes Britons tick today. Memorable songs and entertaining stories will transport and thrill those who enjoy this country. Theatre must be the place for something totally invigorating and different from every digital offering, writers should plough a distinctive new living in Britain furrow to give audience something valuable, live and thrilling to represent our multi cultural society now. Festivals have massive success with a mix of retro and brand new. Mainstream musical theatre needs to do the same and bravely strike out to show a thrilling innovative and original seam which gathers home and tourist attention. Let's celebrate and portray what this small island has to offer.We are innovative in design, creativity and invention so let's tell new modern stories to sell and celebrate the essence of our identity now...


WILDLIFE will attract the British and tourist theatre market. Strong, catchy songs are the necessity to create a musical's memorability and  "must see it again" pulling power. All live musical entertainment punches a thrill that digital never gives.


In WILDLIFE, married couple JAMES & ISOBELLA, battle with a hectic mix of work and family life trying to make a living through creating telly ads in a  light hearted fiction about those people who work the other side of the tv screen.


WILDLIFE Song book - those in bold are band numbers played by  "WICCA VIBE" and Vocalist Laura Maynard (Henney)


Number 1   Opening medley Wildlife overture

Number 2   “Sometimes samba” upbeat samba Cast

Number 3   “It’s very strange” relaxed bossa nova duet Jean - Paul & Robyn

Number 4   “Wildlife song” feisty mambo solo leading lady Isobella

Number 5   “Tough love” off beat rock argumentative duet James & Isobella

Number 6   “Frozen in time” sensitive light classic, tenor solo ballad Jean - Paul

Number 7   “Don’t touch me now” thru comp. love solo/duet Isobella, Jean Paul

Number 8   “When you’re gone” jazzy “he said - she said” duet Wayne & Sophie

Number 9   “City fox” cool, off beat jazz shared by Missy Pot Mum & Robyn

Number 10 “Ghost on a train” atmospheric Parisienne waltz Cast ensemble

Number 11 “ Flowers by the road” contemporary story ballad Zara solo

Number 12 “The Holy Cow yoghurt. “ advert song - upbeat rock Cast ensemble

Number 13 “ What a lonely word alone is” child’s poignant ballad Robyn solo

Number 14 “Headland” jazz blues with pzazz, contrast 3/4section Isobella solo

Number 15 “Here we are the same place again” funky rock Isobella& James duet.

Number 16 “Christmas dreams” pop song with afro beat Robyn & Kids song

Number 17 “It’s Christmas time” sweet timeless ballad Adult ensemble

Number 18 “Don’t take it for granted” toe-tapping jazz swing Cast ensemble

Number 19 “It’s the little things” marital bliss at last! Isobella & James duet

Number 20 “My dream tonight” punchy, show stopper waltz Robyn and kids


Number 21 “If I could tell my story” a new London pride type song Albert & Cast



Number 18 “Don’t take it for granted” toe-tapping jazz swing Cast ensemble





Isobella 30+ leading lady

Missy Pot Mum 20+

Charlene 30+

Sophie 30+

Zara 35+