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This show on two dates is your first opportunity to hear songs from HOT LIPS AND COLD WAR (coming shortly, details of which below) plus songs selected from other Lizzie Freeborn new musicals: WILDLIFE the musical comedy play, ZEITGEIST & WHITE HOUSE each full length, this last being the parent of HOT LIPS COLD WAR and "YES" you need to see both; one does not pre-empt or spoil the other as there is much, much more to tell and a twist!


The showcases feature key character songs : "Undertaking life" specially written with Kris Olsen in mind, "Neon", a tour de force piece given its first important interpretation by the very accomplished Tony Lorenzo, both these are from work in the writing; DEATH STAR a 5 handed musical black comedy. Female songs for Marilyn Monroe from HOT LIPS AND COLD WAR include My name's not Marilyn Monroe, White House Mambo, given by Kate Hume & Sally MConville along with other lead character songs from Dean Andrew Gilmore, notably from ZEITGEIST. 'All The Fly The Flag Production Singers' join in several ensembles. President Kennedy and The (then) First Lady, Jackie, will sing for you too. So, many tasty morsels await your sampling - a veritable picnic awaits your delectation with something for everyone.


Announcing a forthcoming London premiere production of a new one act musical ...




A witty and exciting one act original musical allowing the audience into the boudoir and in on the innermost desires of three of the most powerful iconic figures of the 1960s - John F. Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe & Jackie Kennedy, who later became by marriage Jackie Onassis.


Discover Marilyn's earthy sexuality, intellect, her deadly charm and unpredictability, discover JFK the alpha male. and discover Jackie, the most famous American socialite of her era.


Who needs the Russians to blow up the Americans, when the key inhabitant of the White House, President Kennedy is set on self - destruction!




The West was quaking in its boots, everywhere there were "Reds under the bed", the Cold War was interminable and toxic. The Americans had Russian atomic missiles - capable of obliterating the U.S.A from their own backyard - Cuba. Vietnam, meanwhile was becoming a hotbed of problems.


Powerful social protest movements were out to get their voices heard, and to change the attitudes of the grey - beards. Post War prosperity lit the fire and desire for the emergence of the newly invented phenomena of " the teenage generation" which surprised and shook the establishment by the scruff of the neck on both sides of the Atlantic. John F. Kennedy was a political breath of fresh air and a generational shift.


The songs


Lizzie Freeborn's songs have a distinctive new style: formed to reflect each character's likely tastes and derived from an eclectic musical panoply - including light classical, twentieth century piano impressionist, modern jazz, Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Doris Day, Peggy Lee, folk song, and sixties commercial pop.


Catchy, lyrical tunes fuse with fresh creative harmonies and crisp lyrics to bring you a new musical play experience.


Songs for the heart head and toes are the show case concerts for a host of songs from Lizzies new musicals including HOT LIPS AND COLD WAR, WILDLIFE and ZEITGEIST and of course WHITE HOUSE.


This is London's first chance to hear a new writing style which will surely lead you to watch this space for details shortly of - 




The one act musical play - your aperitif for the main course - WHITE HOUSE - the full length musical.




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8th June - www.batterseabarge.com


15th June - www.leicestersquaretheatre.com - in the lounge