Musical playwriting projects in the pipeline...

Sole creator Lizzie joined MMD & MTN & BML writers workshop in 2014 to participate in many in-house projects as librettist whilst concentrating on her own sole creations which has now led to;

"HOT LIPS AND COLD WAR" beginning development September 2016 with Ray Rackham at The London Theatre Workshop.

This musical play cast for 9, set in 1962/3 starts in Ireland with Kennedy's young relative Maria Ahern fleeing disaster to involve in the private life of America's first family.. Cold War tension and fears dominate The West. Marlyn Monroe is due to salute President John F Kennedy with her rendition of ''Happy birthday'', will the world famous lips precipate the fall of the president and America's standing into nightmare ....Includes first short list song of Stiles & Drew 2014 and  a duet selected for The Lionel Bart MMD Masterclass in Feb 2015.

Other works in the drawer...

"FAT CHANCE" with a cast of  only 4 is another musical ready to develop. "FAT CHANCE" is a play within a play about Fatty Arbuckle; America's great comic actor and master of  slapstick comedy development in the silent movie era. Now  in 2016 a couple take on the roles  of Arbuckle and his wife in the play within a play "The Funniest Man On The Planet";

the route to production is beset by problems making life very uncomfortable whilst they rehearse Fatty Arbuckle's story in the company of others with even more complications...

"PLAYING WITH TIME" is a story of human musical spirits and ambitions resonating across generations by playing a particularly beautiful piano. Pianos are instruments which reflect the aspirations of owners and often the essence of design eras. In 1906 Chappell's of Bond Street was the musical emporium to the world and the empire, Chappells manufactured  British pianos and were open to commissions in the latest fashionable design; businessman Magnus wants a baby grand for his elegant town house and golden oak is the wood of choice for the  trendy Arts and Crafts inspired cabinet designers,; the sale of "Goldie" a gorgeous instrument for Magnus's salon is dealt with by  Arthur Sabin Coward and at age 7 his young son Noel is the first to play the beautiful instrument nick named  "Goldie". "Goldie's" fortunes change as the piano moves house and ownership to be played by guests from different social circles which with time weave in and out of Noel Coward's sphere.

Surviving many a wild party, two world wars, irksome humans, fall from fashion and neglect "Goldie" carries many reverberations and memories;  by the 1970's guitars dominate popular music making and the tide is against  any new piano playing star...but one young boy is inspired by Elton John and Gilbert O'Sullivan; Alfie is desperate to be able to practice whilst his hard up parents battle their demons.

Alfie rides with his mother and estranged  journalist father to interview Noel Coward  prior to his announcing his retirement from acting, revisiting St Margaret's Bay where Noel "The Master" lived in Kent lived and cast many a spell writing, socialising and playing the neighbour's piano...

Now covered in mess with decades of cobwebs Goldie is an old white elephant nuisance, too heavy to move to the scrap heap... 

"PLAYING WITH TIME" bursts with poignant human and musical spirit which revives fortunes much later in the present day.

2014  "UNDERTAKING LIFE" Five handed black comedy musical currently being written on the topic of life in an undertakers business

2014  "SNAKES AND LADDERS"  A comedy about the dramas of the housing problem and housing market.

2013  "WILDLIFE"  A story of  London family, business and wildlife today- all being taken over by digitalisation. Workshopped in Kent in 2013 by The Ashford New British musicals society for 6 months.

THE FIRST COUNTY ANTHEM IN THE BRITISH ISLES - FLY WHITE HORSE is a song with piano accompaniment written in various settings. It is anticipated to be turned into a band piece.The White Horse or Invicta is Kent's county symbol, Kent is Lizzie's home, place of work and origin. Through years of teaching general music curriculum, organising choirs, concerts and festivals for students of all ages Lizzie understands the enjoyment and powerful emotion that singing can create in any community and audience of any age. Today people are increasingly globally aware but knowledge of local culture, heritage and the development of a sense of local identity is neglected; mass cultural product dominates and high culture tends still to be elitist.. Nowhere in The British Isles, a place full of folk song tradition has ever developed the concept of official county anthems. Ironically one of the most famous songs that anyone may recognise apart from the national Anthem in everyday Anglo Saxon singing culture is On Ilkla Moor Baht 'at, this is presumed by most to be from Yorkshire but in fact was written by a choral composing enthusiast and shoemaker based in Cranbrook and Canterbury, Kent - Thomas Clark in 1805. His catchy jolly song travelled, with his shoes and was given amusing Northern lyrics, to be adopted by village bands and northern Colliery Bands becoming enduringly and falsely known as a Yorkshire's unofficial theme tune.  The facts are irrefutable!. In 2012 Lizzie composed the first ever dedicated county anthem in Britain for Kent "FLY WHITE HORSE" . The anthem was penned with an original 5 verse lyric the tourist board and lovers of Kent are proud to sing. The debut was very suitable, for a horse - a field! Lizzie was invited to perform at the official opening of Brabourne Summer fete in June 2012. Lady Mountbatten performed the official opening instantly referring FLY WHITE HORSE to The Lord Lieutenant of Kent whose mission includes building on the county's sense of pride and community...FLY WHITE HORSE is now the official county anthem of Kent, the first indoor choral premiere performance was given by The Rochester Singers, in their concert program directed by Jane Rebecca Marshall, (singing tutor at The Italia Conti and DB's) in St Margaret's, Rochester in December 2012 to a receptive audience including Suresh Khanna CBE DL the The Lord Lieutenant's representative.


The anthem is free for users and available in many different choral formats, contact Lizzie at The Invicta Concert Band is currently looking at FLY WHITE HORSE as the White Horse of Kent is their insignia.


Valentine's concert Feb 16 2013 The Ashford New British Musicals SocietyDirected and produced by Lizzie Freeborn at St Mary's Church, Brabourne. A programme of love songs new and old including Lizzie's new songs and poetry readings. Audience were invited to score marks on a feed back form so reaction could be gauged. The original songs all scored higher than the old established numbers and were extremely successful.


Chime travel June 22 2013


Again performed by The Ashford New British Musicals Society, written, directed & produced by Lizzie 14 verse lyric and song spurred by living within the sound of Church bells created this project based on the history of a church on The Kent North Downs and Pilgrim's Way. The original narration and programme included local history a celebrated local Bell ringing team and used historic song and poetry alongside verses of CHIME TRAVEL performed by different vocal forces, creating a vocal tour through the ages from the view point of the bells.