Snakes    and    Ladders


A 1 hour 40 minute comic musical on the subject of getting on and off of the property ladder.


This play is a prequel to the full length musical 'WILDLIFE' introducing the characters and their stories. There is a Christmas element in the plot which makes the play ideal for Autumn/Christmas season production.


Cast and characters


5 females including one juvenile

Ages 20 to 50 including a juvenile


8 males

Ages 20 to 80


All will need to be able to sing


and 1 dog where possible


Set requirements

Modest as are costumes




The plot involves minions to millionaires in there struggle to get where they want to in their housing dreams. The journey involves luck and disaster and laughs in equal measure.


Song numbers




Soar like an Eagle

Snakes and Ladders

What a lonely word ''alone'' is

City Fox

If I could tell my story

and others