an original musical play by

Lizzie Freeborn

January 2018 and after the careful nurturing of HOT LIPS AND COLD WAR with  Ray Rackham's invaluable input at The London Theatre Workshop the show is ready for the premiere run (Jan 30-Feb 24) in the centre of the City of London above London's Leadenhall Market.


Be in at the birth of HOT LIPS AND COLD WAR!

HOT LIPS AND COLD WAR  is Lizzie's original musical play. (MMD evaluation from the Lionel Bart Master Class panel; "A unique style with very strong, catchy, emotional and melodic new song writing.")


Many numbers have an air of mid Atlantic fusion but the main feature is that the songs are retro themed to capture the taste, style and origin of the characters of various ages and backgrounds in the early 1960s.  


HOT LIPS AND COLD WAR takes you on a heady trip back to arguably the most exciting, revolutionary and dangerous post war decade of the twentieth century in America, Britain and Ireland. 


The Cold War, civil rights, protest movements, social and class unrest and the music and sexual revolution evolve at different rates on either side of the Atlantic.

The eyes and hopes of the Western world are on the young Irish American Catholic Democrat President John F. Kennedy and his beautiful wife Jackie.



Behind closed doors at The White House there's  turmoil between The President and his long suffering wife Jackie. She juggles her position as First Lady with her young family's needs against the background of Cold War politics and a sex obsessed husband. His relationship with Marilyn Monroe,   

adorable but mixed up superstar, threatens everything.

Then new to the Kennedy household Maria a young, distantly related Irish relative tips up and taken on trust becomes a fly on the wall...

In HOT LIPS AND COLD WAR the bones of truth are covered with dramatic substance then spun with the magic of music and fired with animal charisma to form a delicious what might have been. 

Don't expect the formulaic!

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Don't miss the four week production of the show from January 30  to February 24 2018 by Ray Rackham Productions  at his leading edge establishment: The London Theatre Workshop  above London's unique Leadenhall Market.